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We're committed to raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, using only ethically sourced ingredients that serve a real purpose.

Animal Welfare

Better meat from a better place

We source all our ingredients in a way that is consistent with our core value that all animals should be raised with kindness and respect. Not only does this result in happier and healthier farm animals, it leads to a higher quality of meat for us and our pets.

Chicken & Turkey Raised by family farms with strict animal welfare standards, free from antibiotics.

• 100% Certified Humane® Turkey & Chicken • Meats raised naturally on a vegetarian diet • No antibiotics

Beef Grass-fed and raised at pasture, never on feedlots.

• 100% Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Rated Beef • Meats raised naturally on a vegetarian diet • No antibiotics or added growth hormones

Lamb Pasture-raised in New Zealand on a grass-fed & grass-finished diet.

• 100% Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Rated Lamb • Meats raised naturally on a vegetarian diet • No antibiotics or added growth hormones

Pork Raised crate-free on family farms with strict animal welfare standards.

• 100% Certified Humane® Pork • Meats raised naturally on a vegetarian diet • No antibiotics or added growth hormones

We are a proud partner of Certified Humane® and Global Animal Partnership.

We partner with independant, industry leading, farm animal welfare organizations whose sole focus to ensure the humane treatment of animals raised for food production. Each of our farms, processing and manufacturing facilities are audited on an ongoing basis to assure we are all complying to their strict standards. Partnering with these organizations allows us to maintain our commitment to ethical sourcing practices, while supporting farmers who are doing things the right way.

Sustainable Practices

Sourcing fish using sustainable practices

We use the highest quality of seafood, while staying true to our commitment to support the health of our oceans. By sourcing wild-caught seafood through sustainable methods, we can ensure that the fish have lived a natural life and consumed a diet free from antibiotics and artificial feed.

  • 90% of world’s assessed fish stocks are currently overexploited or at full capacity
  • 4 of every 10 fish caught are bycatch
  • Overfishing is the greatest threat our oceans face today
  • 48% of major fish stocks in Canadian waters are considered healthy
We’re committed to protecting our oceans.
  • We have a catch-of-the-season style fish selection based on seasonal abundance and availability
  • Our wild-caught fish is sourced in accordance to the most up-to-date sustainability standards by Ocean Wise®
  • We employ fishing methods that minimize bycatch, protect the marine environment and ocean floor
  • We support fisheries using environmentally sustainable fishing practices
We are a proud partner of Ocean Wise®.

We partner with Ocean Wise® – a leading conservation program created to educate and empower consumers and suppliers to make ocean-friendly seafood choices. This program sets strict standards related to species, method of catch and other criteria aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of fishing.

Sustainable Packaging

Saving your pet food bag from the landfill

Did you know over 95% of pet food bags are considered unrecyclable? That’s why we created the first nationwide bag recycling program to help manage our environmental footprint. With Terracycle, we provide a free and easy way to recycle Open Farm bags into new upcycled products.

  • 1.

    Collect empty Open Farm Bags

  • 2.

    Visit to sign up and print a shipping label

  • 3.

    Bags are picked up and sent to Terracycle

  • 4.

    Bags are recycled and made into new upcycled products.

We are a proud partner of Terracycle.

We partner with Terracycle, a leader in the recycling industry, that collects difficult-to-recycle packaging and products that would otherwise be destined for landfills. It repurposes that waste into affordable, innovative materials and products. We are proud to announce that to date we’ve successfully collected and recycled over 100,000 Open Farm bags!

Premium Nutrition

Feeding our pets better than we feed ourselves



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