All pets receive and show love differently. So what's your pet's love language? 

1. Constant Companion

Inspired by Quality Time: They only allow a 10 ft distance between you two on most days. Circling your feet is how they show their love! Whether it's at the park or on the couch - they just like being in your presence. 

2. Well-Trained Gift Giver

Inspired by Giving Gifts: When you say sit, they sit. When you tap the couch, they jump up. Give back with a well deserved Open Farm treat. Check out our healthy, protein-rich dog treats here!

3. Supportive Pooch

Inspired by Acts of Service: They always seem to know when you need those unexpected lap jumps and soft nudges the most. Right? Do something nice for your pet - like a nice bath (highly dependent on your dog's preferences) or a brisk walk in the park. 

4. Smooth Barker

Inspired by Words of Affirmation: It might be tough to interpret the barks and purrs but it all means I love you. Sometimes bully rubs aren't it, and all they need to an "I love you too!"

5. Cuddling Booper

Inspired by Physical Touch: These guys are happiest with a daily belly rub, chin scratch or a nose boop. Spoil your pet with all the cuddles, all night. Then, we're sure they'll feel loved.