1. Alaskan Army Parka

Canada Pooch

This adorable Canada Pooch jacket is made with a water-resistant cotton canvas exterior and a faux-down insulation that’ll keep your pup warm in any type of weather. It’s paired with a dual Velcro closure making it easy to put on any size pup. Now, you and your pup can strut the streets in style. 

2. Collapsible Crate


From crate to great. Here’s a collapsible create that’s convenient, comfortable and most importantly safe for our furry friends from Diggs. It’s more durable than a standard wire crate and super convenient to transport with wheels. Best of all, they have a 30-day trial, so there really is no harm in trying one out!

3. Meaningful Leashes

Found My Animal

Check our these adorable and meaningful leashes from Found My Animal. When purchasing, part of the proceeds from their sales go to support animal welfare and rescue organizations. Each leash has a brass tag that says “FOUND” to promote animal adoption. If you’re looking for a new leash, they’re one to check out!

4. Tasty & Healthy Dog Treats

Open Farm

Let’s be real - aren’t snacks the best stocking stuffers? Try out our Open Farm Treats. They’re both the perfect sized stocking stuffer in five different delicious flavors. Our treats are made of at least 90% of animal protein and free of glycerine, grain, gluten, and artificial flavors & preservatives. Who said holiday eating couldn’t be healthy?

5. Sustainable Poop Bags

Earth Rated

Sure, poop-related items aren’t the most appealing holiday gifts, but it definitely is a useful one! These Earth Rated poop bags are made of vegetable starch and BPI-Certified Compostable. As more and more pet parents are turning to sustainable options, this is our fan favorite for poop pick-up duties!

6. Human Grade Bone Broth

Open Farm 

Is your pet getting seriously jealous of your holiday soups? Our Bone Broth will solve all the whimpering. It's packed with nutrients and minerals used to top your pet’s food. The bones are slowly simmered with functional ingredients like locally sourced non-GMO pumpkins and carrots, and superfoods like turmeric. And it’s made specifically for pets – free of antibiotics, growth hormones, salt, garlic, and onion. As your pets may be drinking less water in the winter time, it'll be the perfect way to get that missing moisture in. 

7. DNA Test Kit


Did you rescue your dog and are you still wondering what their mix is to this day? Embark has created a DNA Test for your dog to understand your pup’s breed, ancestry, relatives, health and more! This test help you learn what makes your pup unique from the tip of the nose to the shape of their toes.