Today is National Dog Day, so what better way to celebrate our furry friends then to talk about just how great they are! While there are some benefits to having a dog that hold scientific weight, we thought we would throw in some additional benefits that you may not have considered. Find out some of the benefits of having a dog below!

1. Dogs are the ultimate stress reliever

After a long and stressful day, nothing puts a smile on your face faster than coming home to your dog’s loving greetings. You can feel yourself relax and let go of your worries the second you feel that soft fluffy fur between your fingers. Studies even support that petting your dog can be the best form of stress relief and that interacting with your dog can increase feelings of contentment and relaxation.

2. Having a dog can help your kid's mental health

Do you have kids along with your fur kids? It turns out that having your kids grow up with a dog can do wonders for their development and mental health. Studies suggest that having a pet dog can be associated with a decreased probability of childhood anxiety. Other benefits of a dog in the home include promoting self esteem, stress relief, improving relationship development and stimulating communication. So if you were thinking about giving in to your kids’ pestering for a new puppy- you might want to!

3. They'll be the greatest companion you'll ever have

Being able to talk to your best friend with no judgement can be one of the most comforting, liberating things you can do. Who hasn’t told their dog some of their deepest, darkest secrets? And when you do, you’ll get a warm slobbery lick instead of judgement. There is literally nothing you could ever say to your dog to make them not be your best friend- and that's a gift that keeps on giving!

4. Dogs can always put a smile on your face

Let’s face it, your dog is probably the biggest derp out there. But that’s why you love them. It doesn’t matter if your dog is going bonkers with a case of the zoomies, nudging your legs for attention or furiously scratching the couch trying to get it ‘just right’ before they settle down, chances are your dog does something hilarious on the daily. Who can resist cracking a smile when your dog has no idea just how cute and weird they’re being.  

5. Having a dog is an economical decision: you save money because you can no longer have nice things

New shoes? Nice sheets? New duvet cover? Brand new couch? Who are you kidding? Your house has become a black hole where things go in and come out fur filled, drooled on, scratched up and chewed on. Let’s be honest though, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. We lied: you love spending all your money spoiling your dog

While you’re saving on money because there’s no point in buying new or nice things anymore, you now spend all of your disposable income on stuff for your dog. You head into the pet shop for one thing, and $100 later leave with a bunch of items your dog “needs”- but who really is the one loving your dog’s new bowtie, you or the pooch? But nothing compares to those extra kisses and excited wagging tails when you show them all their new stuff.

7. Dogs teach us what real, unconditional love is

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a fowl mood, if you got mad at them, if you’ve been gone for a month, your dog will undoubtedly be over the moon when they see you walk in the door. Your dog’s loyalty and love are truly unconditional, and all they ask is to be loved in return (okay, maybe they might also ask for a treat from time to time). But in in all seriousness, having a dog in your life teaches you what unconditional love is all about and everybody deserves that in their life.